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Shields asks, ‘Who?’ about Ellenberger, his UFN 25 opponentIn the realm of trash talk, there are few more effective comebacks than a simple, "Who?" when discussing your opponent. Jake Shields employed this method when discussing Jake Ellenberger, his opponent at Ultimate Fight Night 25.

"I don't really know who the guy is," Shields told Radio. "That's my statement. I have no opinion of the guy yet. I guess I don't even know if I don't like him or not. I just hear he keeps talking crap. I don't know. I'm not sure why because I don't even know who he is."

Well, Jake, he is talking crap because he's fighting you on Sept. 17 in New Orleans, and this is what Jake Ellenberger does. He uses Twitter to get the fights he wants. He has been calling out Shields since October, and now he has gotten the bout that he wants. You can't hate a game that works, Shields, especially since you worked it so well in this radio interview.

Since Ellenberger does know how to work Twitter to his advantage, he did have a simple reply to his opponent.

Shields asks, ‘Who?’ about Ellenberger, his UFN 25 opponent

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