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"Kinnikuman's" outfit and mask were a bit ridiculous but the pro wrestler actually put up a very solid fight against Bob Sapp, who outweighed him by 140 lbs. Akihito Tanaka used his wrestling to takedown Sapp on two occasions in the opening round. In the second case, he controlled the "The Beast" for over three minutes getting in some solid punches. The 6-foot-4, 365-pound Sapp finally powered his way back to the feet and landed a huge right followed by an uppercut. Less than 30 seconds later, Tanaka was getting pummeled by huge shots in the corner and turned his back to give up. Sapp gets the win at 5:22 of the first round at K-1 Dynamite 2008.

The Japanese matchmakers get the job done again as Sapp moves to 10-3-1 in MMA. He beat a fighter basing his character on a Japanese cartoon. Give the guy credit as a part-time fighter and full-time pitchman, the former Washington Husky and Chicago Bear offensive lineman has made himself into a superstar in Japan. He's appeared in 23 commercials, 200 times on TV, in 1000 interviews, on 200 products with his name or image. You watch the fight after the jump.

Alistair Overeem destroyed the trash talking Badr Hari in a fight under K-1 (kickboxing) rules.

The 253-pound Overeem stalked Hari until he caught him with a big knee followed by a left. Hari got up but was then planted by another left for the TKO win. This is a helluva win for Overeem or K-1 sucks. Hari (69-8) was the K-1 heavyweight champ before being stripped of the title earlier this year when he was disqualified for taking down and striking Bojansky on the ground during the K-1 2008 World Grand Prix Final. It was just the fifth K-1 fight of Overeem's career.

Daisuke Nakamura put on a show against Hideo Tokoro. They rolled and transitioned at a ridiculous pace over the course of 90 seconds. Nakamura worked two different armbar scenarios before he tied up Tokoro like a pretzel and finished him with one final armbar at 2:01.

One of the best lightweights in the world Tatsuya Kawajiri crushed Kozo Takeda under K-1 rules. He knocked down Takeda four times. The best came on a sweet flying knee.

Here is video of the cartoon this wrestler is based on.

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