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It could be the early candidate for one of the big postfight cash awards at UFC 88. The Kurt Pellegrino-Thiago Tavares fight is the leader right now for Fight of the Night. That could mean a 50-75k bonus for each.

UPDATE: Pellegrino and Tavares were did receive the Fight of the Night award of $60,000.

They beat the snot out of each other for three rounds. Pellegrino dominated the first round winning it 10-8 on two of the three cards and went onto a hard fought unanimous decision over the 24-year old Brazilian.

Pellegrino's story is great. He admitted to Yahoo! Sports that he has trouble reading and writing. So if his career doesn't take off and his new jiu-jitsu school in Belmar, N.J. doesn't succeed, his options for supporting his family are limited. He stated that this fight meant the difference between his dream house, a four-bedroom home in his hometown Pt. Pleasant, or living at his in-laws with his wife and daughter.

The Jersey Shore should be in celebratory mode. They'll be tipping them back from Jenkinsons to Paul's Tavern.

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