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Never underestimate your opponent. It seems like an easy axiom to follow yet Dave Herman fell victim to overconfidence like so many before him. The undefeated heavyweight prospect out of Indiana put his hands down and started stalking what appeared to be a listless Choi Mu Bae with 3:30 left in the second round. After a quick clinch, Herman turned to the side and began to walk away when he was blasted in the grill by two right hands.

Herman was rocked and retreated as Choi poured it on before "Pee Wee" fell to his knees against the ropes at 2:22 of the second round. Herman (pictured during a win over Kerry Schall) was a sitting duck and referee Hiromi Okamoto had to stop it. It was the first loss of Herman's career.

Eiji Mitusuoka schooled Sergei Golyaev in the next fight.

Mitsuoka scored a takedown less than 60 seconds into the fight. He rotated between full guard and side control. Golyaev worked well from the bottom minimizing damage but he simply could not get the fight back to the feet even with a reset at 1:15 left in the round. Mitusuoka worked through a loose half guard moving to the mount with 32 seconds left. It was a high mount that he quickly transitioned into an armbar. It didn't appear that Golyaev tapped but the referee quickly stopped the fight giving Mitsuoka the win at 4:42 of the first.

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