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Outlaw website MMARated brings in UFC employees to soften the blow from the mother ship. In the past, UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer has filled the role. This time Ariel Helwani stepped it up coaxing UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste to serve as his buffer in an 'exclusive' interview with Rampage Jackson.

One problem though, her memory on how to use the microphone fades as the interview goes on. Maybe it's thoughts of boyfriend Roger Huerta dancing around her pretty head.

Arianny does a nice job of thwarting the advances of a very virile Jackson (four kids!). Jackson also proudly wears and pimps his Affliction gear. He explains that he doesn't want to be in the middle of the war between UFC and the apparel maker.

Helwani keeps reeling in the chicks. He's already done three exclusive interviews (12/6/07, 3/4/08, 6/18/08) with Andrei Arlovski's girlfriend Patrycja Mikula. After the jump, you can see that he's had a lot of 'success' with Arianny as well.

Huerta better watch out, Arianny loves guys with the schnoz!

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