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Forrest Griffin is one the most well-liked fighters in UFC history. He's a great guy with the media 98% of the time, but there's the 2% when you may get him at a moment that he has little patience for the cliche question.

The challenger for Quinton Jackson's UFC light heavyweight title at UFC 86, had a few moments of levity but was mostly serious during his initial fight week meeting with the media.

Brad Young from fired off the first question but was greeted by the same Forrest who put his foot through a door during the The Ultimate Fighter 7.

Young asked, "What was more important the loss to Tito or the win over Shogun?"

Griffin responded, "That's a f**kin stupid question."

He's clearly grown tired of the increased media responsibility that comes with fighting in a main event for a UFC title:

"I'll keep those thoughts to myself, it's better for all of us."

He did loosen up from there, discussing many topics ranging from his acting career to his No. 1 temptation living in Sin City:

"Everybody's got their own thing. My temptation is cookies. It's turns out there's an Albertsons everywhere I move to. I wish I had other addictions, it would be cooler. I can eat 24 ounces of Oreos in the span of a movie."

Griffin also went into detail about his brief career as a police officer.

{ysp:block}"I drove fast, carried a weapon and some chicks dig a guy in uniform. Not a bad gig."

Griffin was asked about the dirty Georgia cop who tried to swindle Matt Hughes as Yahoo Sports documented earlier this week. He wasn't familiar with the story.

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