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Marcus Jones suffered a devastating knockout in the semifinals of season ten of "The Ultimate Fighter" at the hands of now finalist Brendan Schaub. It was clear he had big issues with his stance, his hands defensively and his chin. After a first round where he repeatedly took down Matt Mitrione, the bad habits were rearing their ugly head. Jones looked gassed late in the round and didn't recover during the break. Jones walked straight forward (pictured on the left) to start the round not committed to a conventional or southpaw stance. He was a sitting duck. Mitrione blasted him with a right hand and the former NFL first round pick fell face first to the mat. Referee Steve Mazzagatti stopped it at 4:50 of the second round.

Jones, 36, was very emotional after his loss on the show and immediately spoke about retiring because he didn't want to put his wife through losses like that. He's got to be feeling the same thing right now. It's looks like his age and commitment to learning the standup game may call an end to his brief career.

Jones, 6-foot-6, 262 pounds, was a first round pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1996. Mitrione, 31, also played in the NFL after solid career as a defensive lineman at Purdue. He did nice job in this fight of staying composed. He never got overwhelmed by Jones' freakish strength on the ground.

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