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Two brahma bulls met in the Octagon at UFC 103 and after 13 minutes, Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic couldn't take it anymore. In a rough, tough fight, Cro Cop and Junior Dos Santos slugged it out with heavy shots. The 236-pound Dos Santos employed some brutal knees in the final round to set up a finishing right hand uppercut. Cro Cop didn't go down but it appeared that he suffered an eye injury because he backed up and signaled "that's enough" at 2:00 into the third round. 

Cro Cop (25-7-2, 2-3 UFC) was the most devastating striker in the heavyweight division for years while fighting for PRIDE in Japan, but it appears the 35-year-old has lost much of his snap and athleticism. He was known for his unreal kicks to the head and body, yet in this fight he only threw eight kicks, and they were all to the legs and body of Dos Santos.

The 24-year-old Brazilian threw the heavier shots throughout the fight, and sitting cageside you could the loud thuds as 462 pounds beef collided. Dos Santos did a great job of wearing down the older fighter with a lots of body work in the first two rounds.

Dos Santos (9-1, 3-0 UFC) didn't come out of the fight unscathed. His face actually looked worse than Cro Cop's at the end of the fight. In just three fights with the UFC, Dos Santos has put himself in the mix for a shot at UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar but he does need to shore up his defense a bit. Cro Cop was sluggish but he was still able to land plenty of shots.

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