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Another shot at the heavyweight title has got to be the chance of a lifetime. Or so you would think. But one-time UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir is confused. What is the interim heavyweight title? His understanding was that when Randy Couture was ready to return from his contract squabble with the UFC, the winner between the two The Ultimate Fighter reality show coaches would get the first shot at Couture's real belt. Brock Lesnar jumped the line, beat Couture at UFC 91 and is now recognized by most casual fans as the champ:

"Having the November 14th fight (Couture v. Lesnar) took some of the air out of the sails of this fight," said Mir. "It made it very confusing with the title with Nogueira and myself. I've had to train for five rounds for no reason."

The five rounder is really a huge disadvantage for Mir against a guy who has a bottomless gas tank. Mir even in his best condition has never been known as a cardio machine:

"No one's really given me an explanation on it. Where I sit on the hierarchy of opinions that are counted in the UFC (is pretty low). I got told pretty much this is what's going to happen." 

Mir doesn't like the way the plan was laid out for the heavyweight division but understands there may have certain things that made it inevitable:

"I never really doubt the UFC because they wouldn't do anything to hurt the sport. I don't know why it worked out the way it did. It doesn't make sense to me but obviously I don't know all the facts."

Cage Writer caught up this week with Mir while he was hanging around the MGM.

Mir is also worried the card may not get the response it should get because of the placement so close to Christmas. He thinks a lot of fans won't be able to make it to Las Vegas. We get the first indication tomorrow during the free autograph signing and weigh-in at the MGM. Both usually attract somewhere between 1,500-4,000.

His displeasure with this fight and card doesn't mean that he isn't grateful for where his career is now in and out of the cage. Mir talked about his old job, a bouncer at a strip club, and the crazy mentality of some patrons.

Mir said he could never understand why idiots would want to fight while hanging out at his club, Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas:

"I'm having a drink. I'm having a good time. There's half naked women around me. If you want to fight, there's something wrong with you on some sexual levels too. Dude, there's naked women sitting on your lap and you're mad right now? OG's is down the street. You might want to go somewhere else."

OG's is Olympic Garden in Las Vegas where they have women dancing on the ground level and men upstairs.

It was interesting to hear Mir talk about walking into a heated situation at the club. He said his cage and professional fighting experience allowed him to enter the fray like he was walking into a coffee shop. He also mentions that at 6-3, 260, he was one of the smaller bouncers at the Rhino. At one time he worked alongside, the Sontag twins or as Mir called "The Power Twins", who had a role in Ocean's 11 as Terry Benedict's henchmen.

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