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September 19 is a big day for both boxing and MMA. Jim Lampley may be shaking in his boots. The HBO announcer has trashed MMA saying it will never compete with the biggest names in boxing. Well, it's put up or shutup time as a Floyd Mayweather pay-per-view card in Las Vegas is pitted against UFC 103 in Dallas. According to Lampley, the biggest stars in boxing will eat the UFC alive.

Mayweather also calls himself the PPV king. One problem with that, the only huge numbers Mayweather has ever pulled on PPV came when his opponent brought millions to the table. Juan Manuel Marquez is not Oscar De La Hoya or Ricky Hatton.

The other problem boxing has had recently, as its seen its PPV numbers slip down to an average of 300,000-350,000 buys, has been the depth of the cards. Give Golden Boy credit it is trying to remedy the situation and actually give fans more than one fight for their $50. It'll be announced today (in a conference call that just so happens to be going head-to-head with a UFC 102 call) that the card actually has three more quality fights. Chris John will rematch Rocky Juarez at lightweight. Michael Katsidis, who has the potential to be the new Arturo Gatti, faces 2004 U.S. Olympian Vincente Escobedo. And Zab Judah returns to battle Antonio Diaz. This card should be able to compete with a UFC card headed up by Dan Henderson Rich Franklin v. Vitor Belfort, shouldn't it? Or has so much damage been done between the dead periods on the boxing schedule and the lousy undercards of the past that the Mayweather card won't even compete with UFC 103 as far as sales go?

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