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He's old so we'll cut him a break. Not really. Legendary boxer Jake LaMotta, now 88, gave this quick quote about mixed martial arts:

"When they hit you on the floor? That doesn’t make any sense, it’s savage." The now 88 year old LaMotta told Reuters. "It’s out of control, I still think the regular way is the best way."

LaMotta wasn't exactly a wallflower. the video features Robert DeNiro, playing LaMotta in Raging Bull. and what he "allegedly" did to his wife (NSFW - 0:35 mark)over the years. Make sure you watch at the 2:10 mark when he seems to mount and hit his brother, a downed opponent.

You're never going to convince or teach a guy like LaMotta about MMA. Let him believe what he wants. But it is ironic that a guy who had no self-control is opining about savagery or lack of control. 

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