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Brock Lesnar can fight and he can be a mean S.O.B. He had a classic explosion Tuesday on the UFC conference call where dropped several f-bombs.

Now the UFC heavyweight contender has shown yet another side. On Wednesday morning, he and Randy Couture made an appearance on national radio where he should've been accompanied by a drummer for rimshots. Who knew? Lesnar the comedian? 

The fighters dropped in on the Mike & Mike morning show and Lesnar was a riot. First, he talked about beating the snot out of wimpy host Mike Greenberg calling him "mop boy." Then he dropped a good line about the cause of Couture's cauliflower ear. He closed by saying that Greeny jinxed his team the Vikings by picking them for the Super Bowl.


Greenberg often plays the dork role on the show. In this case, he was a little over the top and it sounded like he did so because he did no research on the fight game.

I know that I'm highly critical of many sports radio guys when they interview fighters or White. But it's 2008 and the sport has been gaining steam now for six years. There's really no excuse for a national radio host to not have one legit MMA question during a 9 1/2 minute interview. Greeny talked about Couture's cauliflower ear and if the guys have to be crazy to do this. That final question simply promotes the notion that the sport is somehow barbaric. Chuck Liddell addressed that thought as well during the UFC 88 press conference saying that MMA is a blend of four Olympic sports (boxing, judo, taekwondo and wrestling) but for some reason when you combine all four discplines, it becomes something evil.

Mike Golic, a former NFL player and a collegiate wrestler at Notre Dame, did a nice job of introducing the guys and the sport to the broad audience.

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