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Mo Lawal has got it all, he just needs a little more seasoning and a step up in opponents. "King" Mo destroyed Mark Kerr last weekend in Kansas City at the M-1 event. Kerr got slammed seconds into the fight and it looked like he decided to quit on the way down before taking five punches to the face. The last one caused announcer Michael Schiavello to scream (5:20 mark). That's not what made the punch special. Afterall, all Schiavello does is yell. It's actually cool seeing the final punch launch Kerr's mouthpiece across the ring.

This is a nice video piece by with a good choice of music by Wreck-a-Mic, and good clips of the prefight speech by Lawal's manager/trainer Ryan Parsons (3:58 mark).

Ariel Helwani from AOL Fanhouse says King Mo is close to a deal in the United States:

FanHouse has learned that Lawal's camp has been in serious discussions with Strikeforce as of late. It's hard to argue with the idea that Strikeforce is not the perfect destination for Lawal. Their light heavyweight division is by far their weakest, and while Lawal wouldn't bring the most extensive resume with him, he would bring a shot of personality and charisma, which is something Strikeforce could use.

Helwani was let down because Lawal didn't show off his wrestling dance after the Kerr win. Lawal says he may mimic former WCW wrestler Disco Inferno after his next win. He'd better call Disco, who is now a bouncer at Sapphire Gentlemen's Club in Las Vegas, for permission.

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