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Bobby Lashley and UFC heavyweight Brock Lesnar are always linked. The reasons are obvious. After big careers in the WWE, they both decided to try their hand at mixed martial arts. They're also both 255-265 pound behemoths who had decorated collegiate wrestling careers. As far as their MMA career paths, Lashley has taken the slower road.

The former WWE star and current TNA wrestler, Lashley, 33, admitted from the get-go that he had a lot to learn while Lesnar went for broke and in his second career fight, debuted in the UFC against former champ Frank Mir. Lesnar also dumped pro wrestling while Lashley doesn't have the wrestling blood or money out of his system yet. In six weeks, we'll get a better idea if his lack of year round, day-to-day training will hold him back.

Lashley went 4-0 in smaller shows against lesser opponents like Jason Guida, Mike Cook and Bob Sapp. Now he's stepping up to one of the biggest promotions in the world with Strikeforce and Showtime on Jan. 30.

Lashley was a coveted free agent and spoke with all the big promotions including the UFC but he told the media gathered during last night's Strikeforce: Evolution postfight press conference that he wanted to go where the best fighter in the world resides, Strikeforce and Fedor Emelianenko.  

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