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Kimbo Slice built his reputation on the streets by destroying his opponents with a ferocious attack. Because of takedowns and grappling, it didn't quite work out for Kimbo in mixed martial arts. Saturday night he went back to his roots, albeit wearing the heavy gloves on instead of going bare-knuckled and scored a vicious 17-second knockout in his professional boxing debut at Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, Oklahoma.

"It's like second nature for me. I'm comfortable here. I found a home here," said Slice (1-0) of his crossover to boxing.

The 37-year-old also knows he has a lot to learn and didn't want to get too excited about the win.

"I can't give myself a good grade because my movements were a little shady. I felt like I didn't really connect the way I wanted to. I still have a lot of learning to do. I'm a baby, taking baby steps," said Kimbo.

Check out the raw video shot from the crowd in Oklahoma. Kimbo took out James Wade with a brutal uppercut. Wade was out cold balancing on the ropes.

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