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One of the main questions going into WEC 44's main event, a featherweight title bout between Jose Aldo and defending champ Mike Brown, was would Aldo's speed beat Brown's strength? As it turned out for Mike Brown, speed kills, as Aldo TKOed Brown for the featherweight championship at 1:20 in the second round in Las Vegas tonight. 

Though many expected Jose Aldo to come out fast and swinging as he has done in previous fights, he played a smart game, waiting for his opportunities to attack Aldo. Brown stayed neck and neck with Aldo, though, landing several knees into Aldo's thighs. 

But the Aldo we all know came alive in the second round. He took Brown's back and rained down a series of blows onto Brown's head. Brown stayed covered up but didn't do anything to get out of the bottom position, so Steve Mazzagatti stopped the fight. 

Aldo was quite emotional and broke down in tears as the championship belt was placed around his waist. Through a translator -- fighter Pedro Rizzo -- Aldo called Brown a tough fighter. 

"He had a great fight and was landing punches that I wasn't," Brown said after the fights.

At just 23 years, Aldo still has the experience of 17 fights with only one loss. With few fighters possessing his sort of speed, he will pose a problem for every fighter on the WEC roster. 

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