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Some would call him the 'lightning rod' on this season of The Ultimate Fighter. Others would say, 'the clown' from TUF 7.

Jeremy May showed little as a fighting prospect when he was destroyed in the round of 16 by Matt Brown but did make an impression on viewers of TUF 7.

That loss wasn't the most embarrassing moment of the season. May came off as an instigator in the house. He rooted against different fighters, pulled a 'fake drinking' stunt and also tried to get Jesse Taylor into a fight.

Had Taylor fought May in the house, he would've jeopardized his shot in the semifinals. Taylor flipped his lid when May hurled an anti-semitic slur his way.

When pressed on his behavior on the show, May was unapologetic. He explained why his anti-semetic reference shouldn't upset Taylor. We grabbed May for a quick conversation on Friday at the TUF 7 weigh-in. Listen after the jump.

"I wasn't doing anything for TV. I was just speaking my mind."

"I was real nice to the kid. I walk in the house and they were talking smack about me. You're going to call me names, I'll say it back."

"I called him a jewish bitch. If he were irish, I would've called him an irish bitch. Everyone who knows me, I'm not racist. I'm training with Rampage right now."

"The reason it came out, he was telling me how hard it was for him growing up, being jewish with curly hair..all this kind of crap. And then he's talking trash about me, fine I'll talk trash about you."


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