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Diana Ross eat your heart out. Akihiro Gono is ready to take your spot on the Las Vegas strip. Gono stole the show at UFC 94. He usually works his magic with wigs but he took it to another level on Saturday night. Gono and his two cornermen donned lovely evening gowns. The outfits were trumped by a pair of well-choreographed dance routines to the song "Age Age Every Night" by DJ Ozma.

Unfortunately, it looked like Gono poured more time into organizing his sets than he did training for the fight. He ran out of gas pretty early in the fight against Jon Fitch.

The guy is a character. The last time we heard from him, he was lamenting about his money struggles. The poor guy maxed out his credit cards at UFC 89 and couldn't afford any trips to the Japanese bath houses to celebrate Christmas.

Photo via MMAMania

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