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The guy is on the front cover of "UFC 2009: Undisputed" but it really hasn't changed Forrest Griffin, who is still wacky and quick-witted as ever.

Griffin visited the ESPNRadio1100 studios in Las Vegas to preview the May 19 release of the new video game. He says he can still keep a low profile around Las Vegas while visiting the local Albertsons or Blockbuster but it's a different world when he actually attends fight cards (1:00 mark).

Griffin touched on a variety of topics including the dilemma of too many Silvas and Jesus. That's right, Griffin opined on history and religion, referencing Sarah Palin:

"I was reading the Bible the other day," Griffin told the Cofield and Cokin Show on ESPNRadio 1100. "I realized something, all these crazy, like, Palin people that talk about Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus hung out with, like, the lowest of the low. He hung out with like whores and derelicts. He really did. He was, like, the most liberal guy of his time. It just really amuses me. Jesus was a liberal."

Watch Griffin with Cagewriter:

In part two, Griffin discusses the strange reaction everyone greets him with now that they know he's fighting Anderson Silva.

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