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There's been crazy drama on this year's season of The Ultimate Fighter 8. The latest episode featured two of the 155 pounders, going on a drunken rampage and trying to fight half the house. UFC Dana White president came to the disheveled mansion and tore apart Junie Browning and Shane Nelson but he did let them stay on the show. Nelson seems like a decent kid but Browning just appears to be a disaster waiting to happen.

Yahoo! Sports tracked down TUF vets Josh Haynes and Gideon Ray to talk about what this behavior is doing for the sport. Haynes said he refuses to watch the show anymore:

"The show is a mess. The third season was the last time it was really good. (Now) you got guys they put together specifically to cause problems. They matchmake not based on skill but how much b.s. they've got loaded in their background."

Haynes, who is now fighting at 170, made it to the final of The Ultimate Fighter 3 where he lost to Michael Bisping at 205 lbs. He was proud to shock the field and provide a good storyline for the UFC but now it seems like it's more about the drama than the conquest:

"My brother calls me saying some douchebag kid that's on there right now is picking fights. It blows my mind. It's a false misrepresentation of the sport. I think right now that show is doing a lot more damage for the sport than good."

Haynes also thinks that fighters go on the show simply trying to be reality stars knowing that they're in over the head in the cage.

"A lot of people have given up on the outlook of it being a serious chance for them to do something. These guys coming into the show, they know exactly what's going to happen and what they're going to be facing once they get in the UFC, so they're looking for their 15 minutes of fame."

One nugget that Haynes pointed out in talking about his season and the last few seasons was that his coach Tito Ortiz actually banned drinking in the house. Maybe this is something future coaches should consider. Or maybe it's time for the UFC to rid the house of the booze period.

Ray spoke at length about the how the veteran-laiden season of TUF4: The Comeback was much different. 

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