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For a guy who was the first of many jackasses to appear on The Ultimate Fighter, Chris Leben has done a great job remaking his image. There was no grand plan, Leben was simply himself. He's 100% forthright when he speaks and he fights his ass off each time that he steps into the cage.

He's featured in the main event of Saturday's UFC 89 SpikeTV broadcast against TUF3 winner Michael Bisping. During part of the UFC 89 teleconference, Leben talked about his partying, a DUI and drew a strange analogy:

"Fighters are like strippers, they ain't paying their way through college. You know we all got a bunch of problems and skeletons in the closet."

Leben was reacting to another question about drinkers at the The Ultimate Fighter house (Junie Browning is stealing the show on TUF8). 'The Crippler' was the first wackjob to gain notoriety on the reality show. A loaded Leben got so angry with antagonists Bobby Southworth and Josh Koscheck that he put his hand through the stained glass on the front door.  


Leben came clean about his legal troubles. He was supposed to fight Bisping at UFC 85 back in June but wasn't allowed to leave the country.

Photo via Chris Leben MySpace

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