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Brett Rogers has hit the bigtime. Less than two years ago, the guy was changing tires at Sam's Club. Now he's got cameras following him for a Showtime fight documentary, Fight Camp 360.

"The film crew has been here for more than five days," said Rogers. "I tell you, it is a surreal experience to have the world watching you, watching me do what my fight team and I have been doing for five years in relative obscurity day in and day out. All of a sudden, to have my life become worthy of this attention is amazing, shocking almost.  But we are having fun with it."

His trainer Mike Reilly says Fedor Emelianenko has never seen this Rogers: 

“We have new wrinkles in training, new sparing partners and sessions.  With his striking in top form, I can have Brett focus on other facets of the game: grappling, submission defense, throws and kicks.  We are coming in from new angles, we found a new range.  We have taken conditioning to a new level.  Fedor is in for a shock.” 

Fight Camp 360 debuts next Tuesday on Showtime at 9:30 p.m. ET. 

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