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The competition for label of top five fighter in the world is heating up nicely. That's because the fighters in the 135, 145 and 155 pound divisions are now getting the respect they deserve.

Frank Edgar, the lightweight champ, is moving up to No. 4 on the latest Yahoo! Sports' pound-for-pound list, but Dana White says that still too low.

"He's the Arturo Gatti of MMA. I have so much respect for him. I'm going to say it here tonight and I don't care who disagrees, you're wrong and I'm right ... He's the No. 2 pound-for-pound fighter in the world, period," White said following UFC 136.

White's reasoning? The UFC president says Edgar is fighting out of weight class and still excelling.

"[...] If you really look at what pound-for-pound means, you cannot deny that Frankie Edgar is No.2. The guy weighs a 145 pounds, he's beating guys at 155 pounds," said White.

White admitted that he was extremely emotional after the Edgar-Gray Maynard fight at UFC 136, but he'd never seen anything like the comebacks posted by the champion.

"How many times have you seen where a guy gets hurt as bad as he did in the first round. I told you that's movie [expletive]. That stuff doesn't really happen in true life. There's two guys I've seen do it - Arturo Gatti and Frank Edgar," White said. "What he did the last time and this time ... he's an amazing human being. He's an incredible athlete. He's got a heart the size of this room. I mean, that's no promoter [expletive]."

Edgar deflected all the love by simply saying "it's a Jersey thing."

"He had 'Snooki' and 'The Situation' out there, he couldn't let them down tonight," joked White.

Edgar moving to No. 4 on Yahoo! Sports’ pound-for-pound list, Dana White says he’s No. 2

Do you agree with White's explanation? Yahoo! Sports' Kevin Iole pressed both fighter and promoter on the fact that Edgar did get rocked in both fights. The greats don't get rocked consistently, do they? Or does the weight class explanation hold water? Edgar is great and he is on top of the most competitive weight class in the world.

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