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Brian Ebersole's surprising win at UFC 127 came with unorthodox striking, a Fight of the Night bonuns and most importantly, epic manscaping. Ebersole's chest hair was shaped into an arrow pointing up, something he's done for the past few years to show his opponent where to hit. Could his excellent UFC debut inspire more MMA manscaping?We have a few suggestions.

Forrest Griffin: The UFC light heavyweight and original Ultimate Fighter has been pushing his book about surviving the apocalypse, so why not really commit to it and show it on his chest?

Dominick Cruz: The UFC bantamweight champ is known for being light on his feet and dancing around the cage, so he may as well let opponents know what they're getting into before the fight starts. A pair of ballet slippers should do the trick.

Georges St. Pierre: The French-Canadian wears the fleur-de-lis on many of his walkout shirts and usually shows up at his fights waxed (we are assuming) and tanned, but shaving a fleur-de-lis into his chest hair at UFC 130 would truly show devotion to Quebecois.

Clay Guida: The Carpenter is a huge fan of "The Big Lebowski," and is just crazy enough to try this. It would take a talented manscaper to do the job, but who wouldn't want to see the Dude represented on Guida's chest?

Thanks to Becky for help on this!

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