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ESPN The Magazine is replicating the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue with a smutty issue of its own. Nice idea. Teenage boys and tools like myself can't enough ammo lying around the house. One problem with ESPN The Magazine's "The Body" issue, though. What's the deal with the inclusion of old and fat guys? We don't need to see Joba Chamberlain unless he's in a wrestling singlet a la The Big Show from WWE. And do we really need to make ourselves feel horrible by checking out the physique of 50-year-old NASCAR driver Mark Martin? 

The rest of the list is a bit befuddling:

NFL: Adrian Peterson
MLB: Chamberlain, Nelson Cruz
Tennis: James Blake
NBA: Dwight Howard
NHL: Zdeno Chara, Bill Guerin
NASCAR: Carl Edwards, Martin
LPGA: Christina Kim
MMA: Gina Carano, Randy Couture
Horse racing: Alexis Solis
Surfing: Claire Bevilacqua, Laird Hamilton
Boxing: Manny Pacquio
Softball: Jessica Mendoza

The issue is more about featuring different body parts, which we're guessing is why UFC veteran Couture and his cauliflower ear is of interest. We won't speculate about the others. 

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