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Donald Cerrone interview: After nasty exchange, he’s hell bent on ruining Nate Diaz’s holiday seasonDonald Cerrone isn't very big on Christmas and he's definitely not a fan being insulted. After an October run-in with Nate Diaz, it makes for the perfect blizzard of punches, knees and kicks next week at UFC 141.

Before UFC 137, there was no history between Cerrone and Diaz, until the younger half of the infamous Diaz brothers pulled a trick from his bag of anger.

During the workouts before UFC 137, Diaz was speaking Leonard Garcia, one of Cerrone's teammates at Jackson's MMA in Albuquerque.

"Leonard was over there talking with the dude, so I said 'oh, [expletive] I'll go over there.' They were laughing and joking around. I walked over and said 'what's up Nate, I'm 'Cowboy.' He slapped my hand away and called me a punk-ass [expletive]," Cerrone told ESPNRadio1100/98.9 FM in Las Vegas (NSFW). "He told me to get on. I don't know what his point [was]. I guess he doesn't want to be cordial."

Cerrone is slightly volatile and likes to fight. You need some major cojones to start something with him. There was a brief second there something bad was set to go down.

"I was getting ready to fight. Then he walked away. He just took off after that. It caught me by surprise," said Cerrone. "Don't know anything about the guy. I think they just wake up pissed off all the time for no reason. It just seems like they're always mad. Whatever he does to get his mind ready for the fight that must be it," said Cerrone.

If you think Cerrone is going to let it slide, you're dead wrong. He brought it even stronger during an interview on "Countdown to UFC 141" saying Diaz messed with the wrong guy.

"If you want to talk [expletive] to me, you're just gonna enrage me and piss me off," said Cerrone. "So feed my [expletive] flame. That's what I say. Let's go!"

At Cerrone's last fight, a dominant win over Denis Siver at UFC 137, he again got to witness the Diaz brothers' madness first hand as Nick ranted and raved about everything under the sun.

"I was exploding into laughter on some of the comments. I was waiting for someone to take the mic away from him, like 'that's enough before you completely ruin yourself. That'll be enough out of you.' I was just surprised he kept going on about compensation and no one knew what the [expletive] he was talking about," said Cerrone.

As far as Christmas goes, Cerrone is planning on hitting the road in the morning to drive from Albuquerque to Las Vegas. Cerrone, who's picked up $225,000 in post-fight bonuses this year, bought himself an early Christmas gift, an $80,000 RV.

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