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Dominick Cruz breaks hand in victory, Dana White raves about his toughness

If you watched Dominick Cruz's title defense last night words like fast, smart, powerful and elusive all describe the champ in his win over Demetrious Johnson. Add tough to the list of superlatives.

Following the UFC on Versus 6 postfight press conference, his boss Dana White informed the media that the UFC's bantamweight champ had suffered a broken hand during the fight. Cruz fought for 25 minutes and then went through the press conference at Verizon Center, and made no mention of an injury.

"You know one of the things I respect about the kid?" White said. "He's got a broken hand and had one the entire fight. He broke his (left) hand and is going to have surgery. Not only did he not stop fighting and keep coming up 100 percent, he doesn't even [expletive] say anything about it."

White suggested it was far from a minor injury.

"You should see his hand right now. His whole middle of his hand is all swollen. His knuckle looks nasty. He's going to get surgery next week. (But) I don't know how long that will keep him out," said White.

Cruz (19-1, 2-0 UFC) may be on the shelf for a while, but that'll give him plenty of time to size up his next opponent. He's likely see a familiar face across the Octagon.

Brian Bowles and Urijah Faber will fight at UFC 139 in November. The winner is the leading candidate to get a crack at Cruz. Faber is 1-1 against Cruz and the champ originally won the WEC/UFC title against Bowles back in March of 2010. He's made four successful title defenses since then.

When asked about the Bowles-Faber bout, it sounded like Cruz would like another shot at the more glamorous Faber.

"It's going to be an awesome fight. I fought both of those guys. I'm extremely excited to watch it. Both those guys are finishers," Cruz said. "[...] I'm going to be right in crowd smirking at [Faber] just like he's always doing with me with his long curly locks."

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