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Sure the pay is getting better but most mixed martial artists fight for the love of the sport and in the case of Andrei Arlovski, a sense of history. Fedor Emelianenko hasn't really ever come close to losing once in 30 fights. Arlovski was testing him with solid boxing and good hand speed through the first three minutes of their fight Affliction 2 in Anaheim. "The Pit Bull" had Fedor backing up and then made one mistake when he tried a flying knee that was countered by a perfectly timed overhand right from Fedor. Arlovski went down in a heap. That slight opening is all the greats need.

Arlovski work with renowned boxing trainer Freddie Roach for last year and they were confident they could expose Fedor's defensive deficiencies:    

"I did pretty good in the first few minutes," said Arlovski. "But then I tried to do something flashy and paid for it. I have to sit down with myself and figure out why I didn't listen to my trainers."

Arlovski thought he was winning the fight before his slip:

"Every single jab or right hand, I thought that I hurt him. It was very effective for me. I don't know why I changed my tactic. One little mistake and I paid for this. All my hard work and training, I just threw it in the toilet."

Click below to hear Arlovski dwell on his lost opportunity:

He's a former two-time UFC heavyweight champ but for Arlovski this was the chance of a lifetime:

"Tonight it was a great opportunity for me to make history. I'm really worried that somebody will beat Fedor. I just want to wish him that he's wins against all his next opponents until our next match."

That said, the Belarussian didn't walk away from the loss in awe of Fedor:

"He's a great fighter (but) sooner or later someone will beat him. I'm very upset with myself that I wasn't that person. You know he's a human."

Arlovski said it's up to co-promoters Affliction and Golden Boy Promotion if he gets another shot at Fedor. For now he knows he has to get in line.

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