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The main event at Ultimate Fight Night 15 should be used in a clinic to teach the technical side of the game. Maybe some of the dopey media folks who are anti-MMA could be talked through the entire fight and learn the cool nuances of the sport. If these same people open themsevles to MMA they'd also find out that the personalities really make the sport.

For fight promotions, the true well-rounded fighter delivers exciting action in the ring and can talk a good game outside. Nate Diaz, The Ultimate Fighter 5 winner, was on his game in all facets.

Diaz, 23 years old, and his brother Nick are labeled as disrespectful punks by many but Nate had no interest in dissing his opponent, Josh Neer, after winning a split decision last night.

"This mother(expletive), this dude right here can fight," said Diaz (10-2, 5-0 UFC). "Josh your tight tude. Good luck in the future whoop everybody's ass in this division."

But that didn't mean there was no dissing on the way:

"He ain't no black belt in jiu-jitsu like the other guys I've been fighting. All these other jiu-jitsu guys and (expletive) and wrestlers y'all need to learn how to box and get in here and fight us. This dude is down."

Diaz went on from there to blast away on his brother's behalf. He unloaded on EliteXC 170 champ K.J. Noons for ducking his brother Nick:

"Somebody better fight my brother for the title and stop being a weak ass punk."

Neer was amazingly respectful after the fight actually shaking his head in disagreement after hearing Doug Crosby give him the nod 29-29.

Neer doesn't have a reputation as a great technical fighter but he rolled, scrambled and transitioned all night with a phenomenal tech ace in Diaz. He does have a bright future. At just 25, he is now 3-4 in the UFC. He has quality losses to both Diaz brothers and Drew Fickett plus a great win over Joe Stevenson. He'll be tough guy for the UFC to match up. You don't want to spoil a prospect's development by having them lose badly to Neer.

Did Diaz step over the line in the ring with his trash talk? Am I wrong in saying that he's good for sport?Or does he just further the damaging stereotype that the sport is filled with thugs?

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