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The UFC got a quick pop on Dr. Phil on Friday in an attempt to scare some kids straight. Since almost every afternoon talk show is all about shock value, Dr. Phil showed a ridiculous video of kids fighting "UFC-style" in a classroom. UFC president Dana White, Forrest Griffin and Kenny "Florini" Florian were brought in to lecture the young tikes.

The UFC crew got about four minutes on the show and all got to make comments. White talked a lot about safety precautions in MMA and made sure to get in a shot on boxing:

"When you're young, you feel invincible," said White. "You feel like you're never going to get hurt. The reality is, people get hurt all the time in street fights. Fighting in the street is not the way to get in the UFC. We do not condone street fighting and we're not looking for any guys who are coming off the streets."

In spite of the "Florini" gaff, Dr. Phil seemed like he was aware of mixed martial arts and that it's a real sport.

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