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The UFC tried something neat tonight by allowing the fans to hand out some bonus money. There was a lot on line. With a near-record gate of $4.586 million, the UFC was handing out $100,000 each to the fighters that the fans said put on the Fight of the Night.

Slap Cagewriter on the back, we called it.

When the news first emerged shortly before the start of UFC 124, we asked if the fans would judge objectively or turn it into a popularity contest?

We got our answer. Georges St. Pierre's destruction of Josh Koscheck (50-45 on all cards) was given the fan's nod as the best fight.

"The reporters aren't happy with it," Dana White joked at the postfight press conference. "It's one of the hazards. (The fans) are always chirping about how we mess it up and here we are."

White thought the real Fight of the Night was on the preliminary card. Sean Pierson and Matt Riddle beat the living hell out of each for three rounds.

The UFC and White even tried to give the fans a gentle nudge by showing the fight on the pay-per-view.

If you cast a vote at, hope you enjoyed the chance to be the boss, now you're fired. 

"They blew their chance," White said. "That's it. It's over."

White said he'd take care of Pierson and Riddle. White also joked with St. Pierre telling him that he owes $100,000 to his buddy Pierson. 

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