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In an up-tempo battle at WEC 42, Dominick Cruz won by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 over Joseph Benavidez. With this win, Cruz likely cemented his spot as the next contender for the bantamweight crown. 

The fighters maintained a rapid pace in the first round, with Benavidez being taken down and knocked down before attempting a guillotine. Cruz slipped out and got back to his feet. Cruz then took down Benavidez and nearly took his back, but the much shorter Benavidez scrambled out of it.

Cruz was aggressive in the second round, landing several punches and a knee before taking Benavdez down. Benavidez recovered and even was able to pull out a spinning backfist before he was taken down again as the round ended.

In the mostly stand-up war of the third round, Cruz took over, landing several kicks. As the round ended, Cruz took Benavidez's back and landed elbows as the horn sounded. 

Castillo changes momentum with a TKO of Lamas

After being dominated by Ricardo Lamas for much of their lightweight battle at WEC 42, Danny Castillo landed a straight right punch that knocked down Lamas. Castillo finished with a barrage of strikes, winning by TKO. 

The fight, between two fighters who are traditionally strong on the ground, was all stand-up. Lamas was landing more punches and kicks, and with his wrestling background, was able to sprawl out of a Castillo takedown attempt.

"Did you think I was losing the fight?" Castillo said with a laugh after the fight. His record is now 8-1, while Lamas, suffering his first loss, is now 6-1.

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