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We've been waiting for it since the Thursday throwdown at the UFC Fight Club Q & A,  the video of the best fight of the week at UFC 87 has finally emerged: Crazy Corrie v. UFC president Dana White.

Corrie, a huge Tito Ortiz fan, stood in front of 2,000 hardcore UFC fans and took on the 325-pound bench presser, White.

There was a Corrie sighting on the night of the event at the Target Center. Yahoo! Sports was told that there was actually extra arena security placed in close proximity to Corrie. The worry was that one of the UFC Fight Club members may take a shot at her after witnessing her exchange with White. Nothing went down and as it turned out, White and Corrie did meet again at the live event. The meeting was jovial with Corrie giving White a big hug.

We introduced Crazy Corrie, the 29-year old from Toronto, to MMA fans on Thursday. She actually appeared ESPNRadio1100 to tell everyone why she hated White so much. 

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