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Not sure what to make of this one. MMAFix posted a video of pornstar Jayden James where she's telling stories of a recent trip to Cabo. James was invited there by "Chuck" to hang out with Brad Penny and company. MMAFix is saying that "Chuck" is the UFC's Chuck Liddell and that they're dating.

Before you blow it off, make sure you scroll to the end, there are plenty of photos with this porno queen (who apparently has a nice rump) and Liddell looking quite chummy (NSFW).

Liddell was engaged to his longtime girlfriend Erin Wilson last June during a trip to UFC 85 in London. Here's an MMAJacked video where he talks about his engagement. Signing up for the ball and chain came as a big surprise to many, with Liddell 's legendary status with the ladies. Is MMAFix jumping the gun? Did Jayden James put out these suggestive photos for a reason? Maybe Liddell is just pals with this star of Massive A**es. Where is TMZ on this story?

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