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Tonya Evinger is well known in the mixed martial arts world as the chick-fighting, drunken bisexual. Her sobriety challenged interviews are classics and her poolside all-feline videos are a must-watch, yesterday she exploded onto the worldwide blogosphere as the chick who made Gina Carano switch teams. 

The "dirty" pictures taken at a party and a club after an EliteXC fight in July have been on her MySpace page for months but finally burst onto the net this week. She's seen sitting closely to Carano, who is a wearing a short skirt, and then rolling around in the sack with "The Face of Women's MMA." Carano is also caught in what looks like a shot of her doing pushups in the skirt. She was actually doing the worm.

Evinger, in an interview with Yahoo! Sports, is a good sport but isn't happy with the coverage these photos received online yesterday as she was called every name in the book including "ugly", "homely" and a "skank." Her response was typical Tonya:

"A lot of people are saying some mean ass stuff up there. Personally it don't hurt my feelings but if I find out who's saying it I'm going to punch them in the face. That (expletive) pisses me off a little."

Evinger says the haters on the net are getting out of control:

"I've never done anything to anybody for people to hate me that much. It's just a bunch of douchebag guys running their mouths."

Click below to hear Evinger talk about the 'scandalous' photos:

Evinger also talks about her contract with EliteXC. The organization is up for public auction next week. Supposedly all the contracts are binding. Evinger laughed at that notion and said she has a fight scheduled for Dec. 13 in Kansas City. She also talked a lot about Jared Shaw's behavior and the way that Ken Shamrock was treated after the final EliteXC event.

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