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Mike Brown was the bigger fighter and it showed at times especially in the first and third rounds. Brown scored takedowns throughout the fight and controlled the action on the ground. On the feet, Brown took more of the damage but was still able to walk through most of the big shots thrown by Faber. The former champ was able to land a lead left hook anytime he wanted but his power hand was taken away by an injury in the first round. Faber threw right elbows the rest of the way. The judges gave a unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46 and 48-47) win to Brown. The Maine-native retains his WEC featherweight title.

The crowd, going nuts throughout the first three rounds, seemed to agree with judges. The talk along media row was that it was a tight fight but the many fans streaming out of Arco Arena before the decision was handed out told a different story.

Cagewriter had it 48-47 for Brown, giving the fifth round to Faber. All three judges gave the final round to Brown. Brown scored three takedowns but Faber got to his feet within 10 seconds in each case. Faber also landed the better shots on the feet to close the fight. Faber's ultimate undoing was his reluctance to keep the fight in the middle of the cage where he could showcase his speed. He too often put his back near the cage making takedowns and dirty boxing much easier for Brown.

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