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Could training with Freddie Roach actually be a bad thing for Andrei Arlovski as he preps for his Jan. 24 fight against Fedor Emelianenko? We're being fed coverage of his stand-up work at Roach's Wild Card Gym in Hollywood so we really don't know how much he's working on his submission/takedown defense. His striking may be where he wins the fight but it's more likely that weaknesses with takedown defense could spell doom for the Belarussian.

This obsession with a pro boxing career isn't helping things either. Now Roach is talking about pitting Arlovski, with zero pro boxing matches under his belt, against WBA champ Nikolay Valuev:

“If Andrei wins against Fedor on the 24th, I would put in right into a title fight with Nikolai Valuev right away," Freddie Roach told "It would be Belarus vs. Russia and that’s huge marketing for PPV and Andrei has a huge crowd in that area. He will cross over into boxing though; that is a definite! His next fight after Fedor will be a boxing match.”

Roach says in the video piece that Fedor can't fight going backwards. We'll see. If this one gets to the ground, Arlovski is in huge trouble. He couldn't get off the mat against Jake O'Brien and Roy Nelson early in those fights. What happens when the best fighter in the world is pounding away and working for submissions?

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