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Confusing, right? Josh Barnett stole the show as far as post-fight interviews went at Affliction "Banned." The guy has some chops and can really put viewers/listeners through the ringer. Is he a heel? Is he a great guy? All sides were on display Saturday night after his knockout victory over Pedro Rizzo.

In the ring, Barnett moved to the top of the heap as far as trash-talkers go:

"He said I'm a bitch," said the sensitive Barnett. "He said if I kept it on the feet, I'd get knocked out again. What the hell?"

Barnett then talked about who he wants next: 

"Whoever they can find who's dumb enough to sign the dotted line. I'll cut promos on any mofo who wants to get in here. I'll throw them on the mat and put them on their head. I'm gonna stretch them all over the ring.

What about Fedor Emelianenko, Tim Sylvia, Ben Rothwell or Andrei Arlovski?

"They're all bad asses but they ain't me"

After that top-notch smack talk, sensitive Josh Barnett came pouring out. He was nearly brought to tears later in the evening when talking about knocking out a "great man" like Rizzo (watch at 3:47 mark).

Barnett is great for the sport. He lets it all hang out. It's not an act. He had some great trash talk on his blog before the fight. He's in a war of words with UFC welterweight Anthony Johnson and he wants a piece of Aleksander Emelianenko (good spot by

On Johnson:

"Anthony Johnson claimed in a recent interview he got the better of me in wrestling and that this was his validation for being a great wrestler in MMA. I won't lie and say he didn't get a takedown or that he doesn't have good wrestling skills because he did and he does. But he glossed over the most important part: You don't run your mouth about what happens in practice. Punks and the weak of heart do that.

On Emelianenko:

Aleksander Emelianenko must have hit something mighty powerful to think I am afraid of fighting him. The only offer I ever had to fight him was the one time I did fight him...and I won. His version of asking for a rematch is doing so in a locker room after beating Bobish while I visited his brother. "Sure we can fight. Why not for free even, I mean who does this to make money right!?" He's not an "insane" fighter. He's just delusional.

Affliction can match Fedor with Barnett or Arlovski if there is another card. Both fights are great, but the two Russians could make for a shaky press push.

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