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Strikeforce fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller starts the third season of his popular MTV show "Bully Beatdown" on MTV Thursday night. The show calls out bullies, then puts them in a cage with a fighter. Take a sneak peek at the upcoming season, but beware. A few not-so-polite words are uttered:

Strikeforce welterweight Tyron Woodley, Bellator champ Eddie Alvarez and Michelle "The Hottie Karate" Waterson will all join in on humbling bullies with their fists. It appears from the trailer that Miller goes beyond hosting this season, and that he takes out a particularly mouthy bully.

WEC lightweight champ Ben Henderson also has bullying on the brain. Along with WEC GM Reed Harris, "Smooth" visited a school in Arizona to talk about the dangers of bullying. He said that he was bullied some as a child, but was surprised to see how widespread the problem was.

"We asked that question in front of a cafeteria full of kids, and literally every single kid raised their hand that they have been bullied before in the past," Henderson said. "It was definitely surprising. I expected a fair amount of kids to raise their hand, but literally every single kid raised their hand. It was very surprising, and really very sad to see. I had my handful of experiences. It doesn't feel good. Nobody likes that."

It's crazy to think that professional fighters would ever get bullied, but many fighters tried martial arts to keep bullies at bay. Anything that fighters do to ease the burden on students is commendable. 

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