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It was the big step up for British fighting prospect Michael Bisping. By the end of the fight couldn't take a step or even sit up.

People told Bisping about Henderson's huge right hand but he chose to mock on the legendary fighter saying that he should be called "Decision" Dan Henderson and boasting that he'd never been knocked out in 18 fights. Bisping tried to use movement and slick boxing to outpoint Henderson but he made the mistake of constantly moving in one direction. That constant path to the left allowed Henderson to time a huge right that landed on the button. Bisping (pictured with his eyes closed) was out cold before he hit the mat. Henderson launched into the air and timed one more huge elbow to the Brit's face for extra measure. Referee Mario Yamasaki saved Bisping at 3:20 of the second round.

"I don't know if he'll ever shut his mouth. I think that last (elbow) was just to shut him up."

It was expected that with a win, Bisping (17-2, 7-2 UFC) would earn a title shot against the UFC's middleweight champ Anderson Silva. That fight would've likely been in Manchester, England on November 14. Now it begs the question, does Henderson, who lost his title shot back at UFC 82 against Silva, get another fight against the Brazilian? And will it be waged in the U.K.?

Henderson (25-7, 5-2 UFC) has to be in line right now for Knockout of the Night.  

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