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Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos continued her reign of dominance in women's mixed martial arts on Saturday night, winning by TKO over Marloes Coenen at 3:41 in the third round and defending her championship.

Coenen gave Cyborg a better fight than many of Cyborg's previous opponents, lasting through exchanges where Cyborg clearly got the better of Coenen. Cyborg was more strategic in this fight, calmly getting out of submission attempts and returning to her feet when Coenen preferred the ground.

By the third round, it was clear that Coenen was weakening from Cyborg's many strikes. Desperate to take the fight to the ground, Coenen shot in on Cyborg's legs, but Cyborg stuffed the attempt and landed a barrage of punches, ending the fight.

The question that hangs over Strikeforce is this: Who can handle Cyborg? There are few women who can challenge her.

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