Philadelphia 3, Chicago 1
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 Philadelphia 3 Final
 Chicago 1   

       PHILADELPHIA GOAL: Jack McInerney in the 7th minute

       PHILADELPHIA GOAL: Gabriel Gomez in the 67th minute

       CHICAGO GOAL: Dominic Oduro in the 69th minute

       PHILADELPHIA GOAL: Antoine Hoppenot in the 87th minute

       PHILADELPHIA SUBSTITUTION: Gabriel Gomez for Danny Cruz in
       the 45th minute

       CHICAGO SUBSTITUTION: Dominic Oduro for Logan Pause in the
       46th minute

       CHICAGO SUBSTITUTION: Guillermo Franco for Alvaro Fernandez
       in the 63rd minute

       PHILADELPHIA SUBSTITUTION: Antoine Hoppenot for Jack
       McInerney in the 71st minute

       CHICAGO SUBSTITUTION: Alex for Dan Gargan in the 77th minute

       PHILADELPHIA SUBSTITUTION: Chris Albright for Keon Daniel in
       the 79th minute

 Yellow Cards
       PHILADELPHIA CAUTION: Michael Lahoud for Foul Tackle in the
       18th minute

       CHICAGO CAUTION: Austin Berry for Dangerous Play in the
       45th minute

       PHILADELPHIA CAUTION: Sheanon Williams for Time Wasting in
       the 78th minute

 Red Cards
       CHICAGO EJECTION: Guillermo Franco for Foul Tackle in the
       80th minute

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