New England 2, Colorado 1
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 Colorado 1 Final
 New England 2   

       COLORADO GOAL: Jaime Castrillon in the 21st minute

       NEW ENGLAND GOAL: Saer Sene in the 27th minute

       NEW ENGLAND GOAL: Fernando Cardenas in the 39th minute

       NEW ENGLAND SUBSTITUTION: Darrius Barnes for Kevin Alston in
       the 42nd minute

       NEW ENGLAND SUBSTITUTION: Lee Nguyen for Jose Moreno in the
       68th minute

       COLORADO SUBSTITUTION: Kamani Hill for Hunter Freeman in the
       75th minute

       COLORADO SUBSTITUTION: Andre Akpan for Martin Rivero in the
       84th minute

       NEW ENGLAND SUBSTITUTION: Bjorn Runstrom for Fernando
       Cardenas in the 84th minute

 Yellow Cards
       COLORADO CAUTION: Tyrone Marshall for Professional Foul in
       the 45th minute

       NEW ENGLAND CAUTION: Benny Feilhaber for Foul Tackle in the
       66th minute

       NEW ENGLAND CAUTION: Darrius Barnes for Obstruction in the
       74th minute

       NEW ENGLAND CAUTION: Lee Nguyen for Dangerous Play in the
       76th minute

       COLORADO CAUTION: Jaime Castrillon for Foul Tackle in the
       90th minute

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