Los Angeles Dodgers

1st NL West | 89-66
  • Batting Avg
    .250 AVG
  • Runs
    702 R
  • Earned Runs Avg
    3.63 ERA
  • Home Runs Allowed
    159 HR
  • The Division races are boring, but that’s OK

    The Division races are boring, but that’s OK

    Yesterday we talked about the possibility of the NL Wild Card race ending up in a three-way tie when the season ends. It probably won’t, but it could, and that’s exciting! Last night ESPN’s Jayson Stark doubled up on that madness and talked about the possibility of a six-way tie in the AL Wild Card. Even more unlikely, but again, excitement! The obvious reason we’re focusing on these implausible scenarios? There’s nothing else to really get excited about when it comes to this year’s pennant races. As we woke up this morning, here are your division leaders with the number of games by which they lead: AL EAST: Red Sox: 5.5 AL CENTRL: Indians: 7 AL WEST: Rangers: 9 NL EAST: Nationals: 8.5 NL CENTRAL

  • Baseball writers love staying in Marriotts

    Baseball writers love staying in Marriotts

    People say a lot of things about baseball writers and the baseball writing lifestyle. They say that baseball writers love Bruce Springsteen. That they like to wear Dockers, preferably pleated ones. That they are all addicted to Diet Coke. That, if they’re gonna quote a movie, that movie will be at LEAST ten years old. If you spend a lot of time on Twitter following baseball scribes, you’ve heard all of these, I’m sure. To be clear, they are generalizations. I know at least two baseball writers who don’t like Springsteen and who prefer jeans to Dockers. Bust just two. Otherwise, it’s 100% accurate. It’s not nice to stereotype. Another thing you hear about baseball writers is that they all stay

  • The Associated Press

    Dodgers scratch Rich Hill from next start due to blister

    The Dodgers have scratched Rich Hill from his scheduled start Sunday in the series finale against Colorado because of a blister that forced him to miss a month earlier in the season. The blister also caused Hill to leave a perfect game after seven innings on Sept. 11. Manager Dave Roberts said Hill would start either next Saturday or Sunday at San Francisco, where the NL West leaders conclude the regular season.