Kansas City Royals

3rd AL Central | 78-77
  • Batting Avg
    .261 AVG
  • Runs
    641 R
  • Earned Runs Avg
    4.19 ERA
  • Home Runs Allowed
    199 HR
  • Seidel: Tigers were one strike away, and then ... ugh
    Detroit Free Press

    Seidel: Tigers were one strike away, and then ... ugh

    Detroit Tigers closer Francisco Rodriguez sat at his locker, his head buried in his hands. He stared at the ground, his eyes full of frustration and anger. “Painful. Disgusting. Ashamed. Everything,” Rodriguez said, after blowing a save in the Kansas City Royals’ stunning 7-4 win today. “It was definitely bad, to fail like I just failed today. It’s just unacceptable.” The Tigers were one out from the win. One stinking strike from winning their sixth straight game and taking another step closer to claiming a wild card. The Tigers held a comfortable 4-2 lead in the ninth inning. Two outs. Two guys on. Two strikes. “Let’s go Tigers!” the fans stood and chanted in Comerica Park. Rodriguez was on

  • Never meet your heroes

    Never meet your heroes

    OK, I’ll grant that absolutely no one considers Steve Clevenger to be their “hero.” At least I hope not, and would have hoped so even before last night (dream bigger, kids!). But his racist comments on social media last night, followed up by his non-apology apology, do provide a good opportunity to remind us that, for the most part, we’re better off not getting to know sports figures, entertainers and anyone else who is famous all that well. At least not beyond the reasons for which we pay attention to them in the first place. Jeff Passan of Yahoo gave us a reminder of why that is this morning, at least with respect to ballplayers: Passan has talked to more ballplayers in the last couple of weeks