Chicago Cubs

1st NL Central | 58-38
  • Batting Avg
    .254 AVG
  • Runs
    488 R
  • Earned Runs Avg
    3.27 ERA
  • Home Runs Allowed
    99 HR
  • Voting Isn’t A Civic Duty, It’s The Worst Team Sport

    Voting Isn’t A Civic Duty, It’s The Worst Team Sport

    It’s been 107 years since the Chicago Cubs last won a World Series, but that doesn’t stop the team’s loyal followers from heading out to the ballpark and cheering them on. We’re talking America’s pastime, though, so it’s not surprising that people refuse to give up on the Cubs. Unfortunately, baseball isn’t America’s only pastime. We don’t even stop at football or basketball. For rooting for our team and bashing those who root for the opposition, one sport stands above them all: politics. During the tryouts and draft, fans on either side warm up by engaging in internecine battle. When it’s over, they may even protest and claim they’re going to sell their tickets. Most, but not all, are filthy

  • Barkley still skeptical of Warriors, even with Durant
    San Francisco Chronicle

    Barkley still skeptical of Warriors, even with Durant

    Barkley still skeptical of Warriors, even with Durant Barkley also remains relentlessly skeptical of the Warriors, even with Kevin Durant in the fold. The Warriors will lean on their perimeter game even more next season, with Durant joining Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson to form a potent trio. Barkley, before he teed off in the opening round of the American Century Championship, insisted Durant will not solve Golden State’s essential challenge. [...] you’ve still got to rebound and play defense. Barkley realizes he’s in Warriors country on his annual visits to South Lake Tahoe. [...] he finds the good-natured grief from Warriors fans a bit muted this year in the wake of the team’s loss to Cleveland in the NBA Finals. Curry doesn’t seem especially bothered by Barkley’s lingering skepticism. For all his good-natured bombast, Barkley brings a great spirit to this tournament. Here’s a snapshot of the simmering competition and friendly rivalry among former professional athletes: Hall of Fame wide receivers Jerry Rice and Tim Brown tangling on the golf course. Rice finished at 11, in an outing reminiscent of their regular Tuesday matches during their NFL playing days. Rice and Brown both played for the Raiders in 2002, when they lost to Tampa Bay in the Super Bowl. Brown, after all those years of frustration, envisions tantalizing possibilities for the Raiders this season. “I think the only issue this year is how do you replace (Charles) Woodson and (Justin) Tuck in the locker room, not on the field,” Brown said. Warriors forward Andre Iguodala looked resplendent in electric blue slacks, a matching hat and black shirt. [...] the fans were way more focused on the two-time MVP than his father or his teammate. A makeshift basket was set up on the beachfront hole, where boats and partygoers routinely congregate during the event. The American Century Championship celebrity tournament uses a modified Stableford scoring system