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Peter Angelos, step on up. The deck has been reshuffled in the Worst Owner in Sports Contest. It's sad to say because the Orioles haven't played a game in nearly four months, but Angelos is somehow shooting to the top of the charts. With a bullet.

For years, owners like Angelos, James Dolan, David Glass, William Ford and Tom Benson have had the luxury of knowing they weren't a serious contender for this top spot among bottom feeders. Hey, as long as the Bidwill family owned an NFL team, they figured, No.1 would always be unattainable.

A funny thing happened on the way to Tampa. Bill Bidwill's Arizona Cardinals stumbled their way into the Super Bowl.

Bidwill had a virtual headlock on the Worst Owner title for years. It was almost like a point of pride. You could see him making erroneous, cheapskate decisions and could almost hear owners like Angelos muttering, "Crafty Bill! Determined to stay No.1. Thank you!"

But here we are in Tampa and the Cardinals are just a few days away from challenging the Pittsburgh Steelers for the championship. In the snap of a finger, Bidwill has somehow completely excused himself from the Bad Owner conversation.

Which leaves us debating the merits of guys like Angelos (ahem, 11 straight losing seasons and counting).

Source: Baltimore Sun

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