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Thu Feb 04 07:30am EST

Tigers cool on Damon?

“JohnnyFree agent outfielder Johnny Damon's(notes) agent, Scott Boras, has made it clear that he wants the Detroit Tigers to make him an offer but it isn't clear if the Tigers are going to make his wish come true, according to

It isn't clear whether Boras is capable of feeling remorse but you gotta think there's a tiny ounce of it coursing through his veins about the way he played his hand on Damon this off-season. Damon and Boras came out strong after the World Series and said the 36-year-old wanted a three- or four-year deal for $13 million or more annually. Damon's former team, the New York Yankees, barely blinked.

While Boras and Damon waited, the rest of the market moved on and now the pair are in a whatever-they-can-get kind of mode. Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski said the team is "not close to making any kind of deals at this point." And the two sides haven't discussed any possible deals yet.

Damon is now supposedly looking for a two-year, $11 million deal.

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