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Jim Thome(notes) has hit 604 homers since entering the league with the Cleveland Indians in 1991. The 41-year-old returned to the Indians before the trading deadline this summer and could end up playing there again next season, according to

"We've talked to Jim a little bit about it," Indians general manager Chris Antonetti said, the site reports. "He wants to take a little bit of time with his family and then assess things as the offseason progresses. The one thing that he demonstrated is that he certainly has the ability to contribute to a team, both offensively and in the clubhouse. The decision of whether or not to play next year will be Jim's."

In the 22 games the designated hitter played for the Indians this season, he batted .296 and hit three homers along with four doubles.

From the sound of it, he's likely to return. "I still love to play," Thome said, reports. "I would say that the percentage is higher of me coming back next year than not."

If Thome returns, of course, he'll have to share DH duties with Travis Hafner(notes), whose injury prompted Cleveland to go get Thome from the Minnesota Twins.

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