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Vladimir Guerrero(notes) must be having a strange winter. No doubt he's been watching the Jason Bay(notes) and Matt Holliday(notes) news and remembering back to 2003 when he was the big-bopper free agent that every team wanted but only a few could afford. He's also had to watch his name get pulled around in various reports that basically call the 34-year-old eight-time All Star old and in the way.

Still, somebody seems to want him. And that somebody appears to be Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels. The word is that Texas wants to bring in Guerrero to be its designated hitter this season, according to Yahoo! Sports.

The only problem may be that Guerrero and his agent want a little too much dough for the fella who has swatted 407 home runs and stolen 175 bases. It doesn't seem that they have much bargaining power since no other teams appear to be knocking at his door.

Source: Yahoo! Sports

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